Road Signs Elderly Pedestrians

 Lots of places around the World have road signs to warn motorists of a proliferation of vulnerable pedestrians. The most obvious example is in the vicinity of a school where motorists are warned of children who may, by being distracted, act in a less safe way. All countries have such a school sign and some countries have a sign in the vicinity of care/retirement homes where there may be a proliferation of aged persons with impaired mobility/hearing/sight. Surprisingly, only one country, Romania has a sign warning of the proliferation of drunken people who, let's face it are more distracted and with more diminished senses than any child or over the hiller

This concentrates on the road signs for elderly people and here is the sign used in the UK and elsewhere such as Eire and Singapore

This particular one is often used because of the additional humour associated with the Cemetery sign. Currently, in the UK, the additional words 'Elderly people' are not now used...regulations in 2003 banished the words that some thought of as being ageist. Back in 2008 there was a hullabaloo when Help the Aged and Age Concern considered the sign as demeaning to aged persons but the Ministry of Transport took absolutely no notice. I agree with them. I like the design and it is fitting that it stemmed from the winning entry in a children's competition over 30 years ago

This road sign for elderly pedestrians seen in USA 

is less stylized and is probably a more politically correct image of Seniors or Boomers as they are now known. (Baby Boomers are those born between 1946 and 1964 and the first of this group reached the retirement age of 65 in 2011

Here's a couple more amusing juxtapositioning of two signs

And here's an Elderly People sign right next to a cemetery

Here's a three more signs from somewhere in the Eastern Bit of the World

And to end here's a bunch more funny signs, finishing with that one for Romanian drunks

How very wrinkinsulting is this one? But wrinkinsults are funny!

Here's the very wrinkinsulting Overthehillville

Welcome to Overthehillville
A town in your head
Where you'll spend all your dotage years
Fron now till you're dead
Happy (65th) Birthday, my friend
From an Overthehillville resident

Jon Bratton 2013

Congratulations, you're now a resident
Of Overthehillville Town
There's no one here fit enough to pick you up
So for God's sake, don't fall down

Have a wonderful (70th) Birthday

Jon Bratton 2013

I think this one is South African but it appears to be the same or very similar design to the Romanian sign

The following are also believed to be South African

The graffiti artist who added the stick and the fart clearly had old folks in mind

Jon Bratton 2013