Getting Old Cartoons

We've got here getting old cartoons which are usually in the style of wrinkinsults which is a humorous take on the aging process where body bits, including the brain, droop or fail to work without assistance. In this respect knotted hankerchiefs, spectacles, hearing aids, boob jobs and Viagara have something in common

They're not up there any more Walter

So our buns aren't as tight and our breasts aren't as perky, and the skin on our chins makes us look like a turkey... What was flat is now round. There's no need to be modest! We've matured from "young girl" into "middle-aged goddess!" Happy Birthday

Here's a bunch of celebs/fictional characters facing old age

Mrs Brown



Drooping Sabre Light

The Calmer Sutra

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I have the perfect body
Efficient and effective
Mind you my eyesight
Is ever so slightly defective

Old folks are classics

For hearing, seeing, chewing and walking
Senior citizens have AIDS
Our every bit droops and greys
Shrinks, creases, dims and fades

A naked man ran past two old women
Sitting on the beach
One had a stroke
The other couldn't reach

You're too old for jogging
For you it's just not right
The friction of your rubbing thighs
Could set your knickers alight


Just as well you did stupid things
When young...and how!!
Which is why you've got so much
To talk about now

You were a legend in your own mind
A leader and trend setter
And not one to skimp on embellishment
To make a story better


Isn't Facebook marvellous
For a mischievous grandmother
She can embarrass three generations, 
One after another

Wouldn't life be perfect if....
Sweats (Tracksuits) were sexy
And chocolate was healthy
And drawing the pension
Made you wealthy
If butts didn't sag
And lady lumps didn't slump
And the old geezer's dong
Wasn't a wrinkled stump
If the ears and eyes
Didn't need assistance
If the body to gravity 
Showed some resistance
If the back didn't bend
And the knees did
Of us old folk
You'd never get rid

Us traditionalist winos much prefer cork
Over modern screw tops of tin
We like that when we're squiffy
We can't get the cork back in

If we could climb in the dryer
How great it would be
Coming out three sizes smaller
And totally wrinkle free

May your journey through the Maze of Life
Be not hazardous nor steep 
Enjoying 100 years of  health and  love
Ending peacefully in sleep