Elder Bumper Stickers

Elder Bumper Stickers express wrinkinsults. which is a humorous take on the aging process where body bits, including the brain, droop or fail to work without assistance. (In this respect knotted hankerchiefs, spectacles hearing aids, boob jobs and Viagara have something in common) Whilst the old are happy to wrinksult themselves they also want to let the civilians know that they're wise, cool and still have a big part to play in the World they helped to create

Quit Honking Trying to Sleep 

Zero to Sixty in 15 Minutes 

old people are cool

Not just sexy, Grandpa sexy

I'm Retired - Go Around Me

This one recognises curmudgeonesss, grumpiness which does descend on old folk and it's a trait that the old seem proud of judging by the success of books, TV etc on Grumpty Old Men and Grumpy Old Women. And on that subject here's outtakes from Grumpier Old Men